Club Uniform & Apparel (NEW!)

Here are pictures of our New Club Uniform and Branded Apparel.

All Club swimmers are required to have a uniform shirt and a swim cap for competition. All other uniform items are optional. For new members joining the club, your first cap is provided free of charge.

Swimmers with the existing uniform do not need to order the new uniform shirt. We are working to fund new uniform tops – stay tuned.

We do not yet have much stock to try on, but please email us at if you have any questions.

How do I order?

Please download the Order Form and email it back, or return to the pool in the uniform folder.

KS1 – Ladies Polo Uniform Shirt

Training Polo (Ladies)

KS2 – Mens Polo Uniform Shirt

Training Polo (Mens)

KS3 – Warm up T-Shirt (Ladies) V-Neck

Warm up T-Shirt (Ladies) V-Neck

KS4 – Warm up T-Shirt (Mens)

Warm up T-Shirt (Mens)

K5 – Training/Gym Vest

K5 Training/Gym Vest

KS6 – Gym Short 1

Gym Short 1

KS6a – Gym Short 2

Gym Short 2

KS7 – Hoodie


KS8 – Tapered Cotton Track Pants /w Elastic Cuff

Tapered Cotton Track Pant /w Elastic Cuff

KS9a – Tapered Polyester Track Pants

Tapered Polyester Track Pant

KS10 – Hooded Bench Jacket (Pool Coat)

Hooded Bench Jacket (Pool Coat)

KS11 – Softshell Jacket

Softshell Jacket

KS12 – Gym Bag

Gym Bag

KS13 – Draw Cord Backpack

Draw Cord Backpack

KS14 – Calf Socks

Calf Sock

Club Cap

During meets the Team Manager always carries spare caps. If your cap breaks during a meet let your Team Manager know. If they have spares left they will provide you a replacement, and invoice your account later.