How to join the club

Why Join Kiwi West Aquatics swim team?

Kiwi West Aquatics

Kiwi West Aquatics has a consistent and proven training program. Tracy Breuer is Head Coach.

The club has produced champions since 1986 with a number of nationally ranked swimmers throughout all age groups. We pride ourselves on being a competitive and active team. The club fosters personal social growth through participation in training, competition and team social activities.

Our club has access to a 25m all-year training pool (Palmerston North), and has regularly used a 50m pool for summer (long-course) training during summer. Check out our training schedule to see the training sessions available.

What is the process to join Kiwi West Aquatics?

If you are currently enrolled with Hilton Brown Swimming, we recommend you talk to your teachers to ensure you or your child is ready to move up to the next level and competitive swimming. Normally swimmers at a “Stroke 400” level (or above) could be ready to make the transition.

Come along to one of our club nights if you want to learn more or meet with other members.

Step 1 – Swimmer Assessment with our Coach

Please contact our coach directly to discuss your situation and arrange a meeting. During this interview, our coach will determine if you are ready to join a squad and identify the swimmer’s needs and goals. All KWA club members are required to meet our Head Coach before they can start training.

You may be invited to join training sessions for a week at Tracy’s discretion before joining the club.

Contact our Head Coach (Tracy Breuer Head Coach) by email:

Step 2 – Complete Club Membership Form

Click the link below to complete a membership form for each swimmer. Here you will need to choose your membership type (see below for fees).

Online Membership Form

Step 3 – Pay Membership Fees

After completing the membership form you need to pay your annual membership fees to.

  1. Our Club – Kiwi West Aquatics Incorporated
  2. Swimming New Zealand via Fastlane (for Competitive and Club members).

Please email the treasurer if you have any questions about membership fees.

Step 4 – Pay the Monthly Coaching Fees

We invoice swimmers monthly based on their squad level and number of trainings. Scroll down for the coaching fee structure.


Any other questions about membership should be sent to

Annual Membership Fees for 2023/24

Below is a summary of the total annual membership cost (including KWA and SNZ fees – invoiced separately).

Membership Type

Which Meets You Can Enter?

Annual Fee
Competitive All club, regional and nation meets $200
Club member

Club competitions, Winter leagues.

(not able to compete in regional or national meets)

(See Note 3)
Recreational Not able to compete in any swim competitions. $80
(See Note 3)

From 1st July Invoices from Swimming NZ will be emailed with payment details. Payments must be received before members may compete at any swim meets.

Existing members and anyone interested in joining are welcome to come along to a Kiwi West Aquatics club night (run on one Wednesday or Thursday night each term).


  1. Payments through the Swimming NZ Fastlane are subject to a 3% processing fee.
  2. Coaching fees are invoiced to Swimmers monthly by KWA. The club is a not-for-profit Incorporated Society and is also funded via community grant funding and fund-raising.
  3. The KWA portion of the membership fee for Club and Recreational members reduces through the swim year – the full fee breakdown is included in the registration form.

If you cannot complete payment through the SNZ website contact the club treasurer for assistance.

The Club and Competitive registration fee covers club costs and affiliation fees (Swimming Manawatu and Swimming New Zealand) but does not cover coaching and competition costs. Coaching fees are paid directly to the coach (Fees vary depending on squad levels, and the number of swims per week).

How are the swimmers coached?

Our Head Coach (Tracy) develops and manages our Club’s training programme.
Nick Jessen is our Coach Liaison Officer, supports the coaching team and is the main point of contact between our Club Committee and the Head Coach.

How much are the coaching/training fees?

We have contracted coaches to provide a structured training schedule. Training fees allow the club to cover the direct and indirect costs of our coaching team, and contribute to lane hire.

Training fees invoiced monthly depend on the swimmer’s squad/program and the number of trainings they attend per week.

Please contact the club treasurer if you have any questions about coaching fees.

Number of Trainings
(per Week)
Development Race Perform
1 $70 $80 $90
2 $80 $90 $100
3 $90 $100 $115
4 $100 $110 $125
5 $115 $135
6 $145
7 $150

Who should I contact about joining the club?

Applications for membership require an interview with the club coach. Interviews should be organised directly with our Head Coach. If you are a member of another club, you will need to initiate a club transfer which must be approved by your current club and swim region.